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 COMA- a light from after life 

       Coma is a novel of a boy who's been in coma for twelve years since he was nine .

"Dad , here's my sketch of both you and mom including me " Jason said showing his father his sketch book. 

His father smiled and praise him before focusing back to his driving . A fog suddenly filled the area the tunnel they were going through making Jason father to slow down so as not to run into things . Jason looks outside the window and in the fog he could see red ball eyes staring sternly at them and before he could raise an alarm their car stumbled and that's all he knew .

Coma ,the story of the dead boy.

Vicious ,funny ,handsome ND kind-hearted

                     Author emmylino☑️

                                       Stay focused 



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Thursday, 5 November 2020


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Monday, 14 September 2020


                          THE BEGINNING.(the boarder)                                             SEASON ONE.                                                   CHAPTER ONE.                         
It's been years , after the World war iii , there seems to be no survivor on the universe, everyone thought the only survivor are the one's who get on the space ship called THE BOARDER. 
The boarder was built by an English scientist DR. ROBERT SALMAN . 500 survivors including men, women and children were able to get onboard.
      He was able to keep everyone in sync until the spaceship which landed in the space in fear of going into an unwelcoming planets of those who we believe to be 👽 Alien . The spaceship demanded for blood and there was mass kill on the space ship where DR.ROBERT SALMAN was murdered.


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Monday, 13 July 2020


                MY       DIARY    

              CHAPTER 1

It's heartbreaking to say I found the key to 
my destruction,the secret that I later know that 
it's my destruction I've been the one that's been 
taunting me for years and I escaped briskly.
Oh!I'm sorry,inforgot to introduce myself,I'm Demmy
by name ,it was given to me by an Igbo man around my 
area and I love it ,in full Adedeji Demy with 1 brother and 1 sister
a family of 5.I can say much about my mom but my dad ,huh
he's just the type that have no time for anyone always in Lagos
six month ,less or more,it depends.My mother had been the pillar 
to where I am now.
I'm a Yoruba boy,a native of Oyo state based in Ogun State.Let me
tell you about me,I'm a shy type,never say I love you to a girl, never hug 
I'm in Jsss 3 when my life took a drastic change.I attend Kristine 
High school well a public school ,so I was in Jsss 3 b,the best class,the
brilliant class but I don't know why people never define b well the last
meaning to it was they are the bad guys making it three.
We are always stubborn, vicious,troublemaker ,my classmates I've 
started kicking ss3 asses since I was in Junior secondary School,funny 
right but that's the fact.
Hmmmmm,I don't fight and I act weird. I'm into kungfu and math let's say 
calculation is my specialty don't bring theory to my face oo,also I'm excellent in
anything computers,I don't mean laptops and others alone,plus phone.
There's this particular two girls that always been my problem all this while,Bolu and Tola
oh!my gosh ,is not that I dislike them but how could girls be competing with me for overall 
best but I'll sure show them pepper.lts not talk much on that.
What makes my life take a drastic measures,It's a four letters word,1.L
2.O 3.V. 4.E who knows it ,I doubt it. One of my maths teacher organized a 
A Saturday coaching class and it's a compulsory to all leading student to be there,but I do hate lessons.
 From the lesson,I had a bestie ,Seun ,a she boy ,fair and a little short compared to me,she's the first person that had the chance to hug me since I don't care Cox I know she's a she boy.
She had as friend then,he's also brilliant atthat time shes takes the first position in her class but 
compared to ours she'll be in 8 th position,as you can see it's a long way to go.
Through I got to know the name of the girl ,Cynthia ,a dark beautiful girl.
Hmmmmmmm,problem arises.Every break time Seun would left her class to play with
me that everyone thought we are dating but it can never happen.
From there I satrt noticing that everytime I had a conversation with Seun I would always end up 
changing the matter to this girl.Seun suspect me I'm in love with her and she asked me if she should 
help me asked her out then but never I can't accept to do such. Since then , Anytime Seun came to meet me Cynthia would always follow her,oh no she's making the bond grow stronger.
Who is with me?shouuld I continue?what's your opinion.

Chapter 2


I can feel it too,Cynthia is also in love with me
before Seun later confirmed it for me. Proposing
to her as always been the fight Seun had always 
had with me but can it really work out. I'll always 
give an excuse y"ou know I'm a Christian I can't do
that for goodness sake,"
"huh,so I'm not and in the 
first place why do you fall in love",she'd answered me
folding her arms. I'll go home and think about it,I can't 
concentrate at home anymore,even if I wants to read in
the night I'll always end up thinking about her ,her love 
have clouded my mind . It now get to the extent that my friends 
noticed it and they gives me a go ahead but no I can't just
go into a relationship anyhow.
I begin my investigation on her,ask my best friend then but 
not my bestie about her ,she had a good qualifications,no history
of dating and a very kind girl but one thing came up during my 
investigation, A.T.M.
I wondered why she was called A.T.M but I gat no explain on that
all my friends just said it's nothing.I gets close to her more than so
as to learn about her but she sure no how to keeps her identity.
There's this saying he who keeps things well should know there's
someone who knows how to find things.Our bond is now unbreakable
that I noticed I was losing Seun little by little but I give no damn care.
The last session came and I kicked the exam in the butt,yeah the 
time comes to play my card ,I've been shuffling all this while so let's
play the card. It's just me and her in a class just having a talk,
`Hey,demmy'she called.
"What's up how you doing" I inquired.
"Let's have a talk"
" I'm all hears"
"You know what,I'll be leaving this school for another school" she said.
The shock hit me but I hid it .
"Why do you have to leave?" I asked.
"Huh!my mom said I had to leave that she wants me to go to
girls only school.
"Do you know one thing ,if you leave to that place do you know what you 
would meet? You are brilliant but if you get their and you backslide,I have nothing to say anymore
I'll leave you to your matter"I said and left.
I got home went inside and cry my eyes out.im not my self anymore
but I had hope she'll not leave. 
Through out the holiday ,I couldn't get in touch with her since I don't have a phone,
the holiday ended . 
Getting to school,I saw her and my joy knows no limit. During the Saturday coaching class,
we gat to had another chat .
"So you are not leaving anymore" I said.
" Yes,because of you"she answered and this got me surprised.
"Hmmmmm,Cynthia I'm sorry but I also had to leave for another school
my dad just came home last week and tell me himself,he's changing our 
location"I spilled it out and her face dropped .

(The beginning)

Her face dropped after I dropped the missile.
I couldn't read her face either it was anger or
of pain or disappointment but I had something up 
my sleeve.She embedded her face in-between her laps 
not saying anything. I tried talking to her but she said nothing.
I'm sure she's trying to fight the tears that had found 
It's way to her eyes.
I moved closer to her ,raised up her head and kissed 
her ,she also responded wrapping her hands round my 
head.Our lips interlocked and I could see tears 
streaming down her cheek. We disengaged and I clean her 
The tears with the back of my palm and she hugged me
"I love you,please don't go"
I love you too "I responded.
I can't laugh,I know you guys think the relationship has
started but no not now. "Hey,Demmy snap out of it it's a no
go area ,why would you kiss her,what if she slaps you!
If you claim she loves you and she does not have any keen 
feeling for you then you would be at loss"I thought in 
My head .So I've been thinking all this rubbish since
well for a caring lover that's the right thing to do
but why should I?we've not started dating. Lemme just 
make it hell for her
The day goes by and she speaks to no one. The third day which is
Monday my friend throw me a fare well party at their place and everything felt so real.
We are about to leave when she handed a note to me and left.
I couldn't get home before checking the context of the letter but 
why cant I take it home ,I'll tell you later.
I found a good position along the pathway and sit down ,bring out the note 
for reading and it goes thus:
              "Denny,I want you to know that you are the reason why
               Stayed back here but instead of you to stay here with me 
               You decided to leave .I wants to inform you that if anything
                happens to me ,no that it's your fault"
                 Much love for you.
I sighed not knowing what to do.i and my friend are just playing pranks 
on her though I should have left even before now but I had my reason 
not to left .
What's your opinion and your thought on this chapter?much love to
You guys

Sunday, 12 July 2020

BARLEIN 1 epi 5

(reformation of knights)

Episode 5(Mystery)

    Unknown Location
Lance stood gasping for breath.His muscles ached and he was lost.Blood dripped from his hand ✋ and bandage was tied round his head.Massive red wood trees towered above him.Patches of large rocks littered the ground before him.He winced and took a knee.The ache in his ribcage felt it would burst.He scanned the environment and found some group of people dancing,some keeping guard and some sitting.The cold air stung him in his throat when he swallowed because he needed water.He tried speaking out but his lips moveed but nothing came out.
It was dark,no one noticed him,the moonlight which had once pierced the veil of the mighty treetops was beginning to fade.
Despair seeped through his veins like a slow moving poison.He couldn't stand up.
A young girl walks up to him,examined him and gave him water to drink.He gulped all the water in non stop.He asked for more and the girl offered it to him.
  The girl informed a man who is assumed to be the small village chief,Lance vision is still blurry and he rinsed his face with water,the chief halt the dancers and everything becomes quite at once.
He moved towards Lance and every other villagers followed him,Lance was surprised by who the chief turns to "HIS FATHER".
"Father,"he said in-between tears.
"son,I can't believe you are back"he hugged him sobbing and all villagers joined them in crying 😢.
Kendrick p.o.v
When we turned from the fight with heavy heart,we've not walk long when we heard Lance cry ,w we knew it was over for him.
No".,I shouted turning back but I was held back by others.During the night,we couldn't sleep ,everyone feels down,a needle piercing the heart,all those good memories hunting everyone,all of us thinking about the future,is this how everyone is going to die.Who is next,are we going to have a.chance at all all.Veera came out from the camp ,he scanned all of us,
"men,if we act like this,we can't get to anywhere,we can't achieve anything,we have a long journey ahead of us and challenges to face tomorrow,and here we are feeling depressed let's put the past behind us and face the future so we won't be a prey.",she said and we forced out a smile 😊.We knew it's the truth but who has the heart.
 The next day we woke up brightly with a smile,the birds chirping and the sun smiling at us.
We continued our journey in silence but I knew Veera words changed everyone cox they all looks so bright.Veera who wants to make us all happy clears her throat and start narrating king Author and his knights story.We laughs has she  drift from one story to another,Sam stops abruptly and we all focused our attention on him.
We knew he sensed something,I don't know how to define Sam but he do behaves strangely sometime.He scanned the bushes,asked all to keep quiet and all of a sudden a growling was heard,then a screeching.All knights form Back to back defense ,"I command.in a jiffy we formed the defense.The growling dies down and two of Veera men is taken up and we fired arrows towards the direction.The men was sent back without a heart and head,that's when I realized it's a Baffoon.
A baffoon as we call it was an animal that lives in the outskirt of Volusia.That could kill millions of army without being seen.Is this a doom or loss because I could feels fear in my men and veera men except Sam and I.
To be continued......
What do you think of this episode?



(another loss)

We've been walking all day on legs.During the night,we couldn't light up fire 🔥 so as not to create awareness because of this we ate our meat raw.We slept and takes round in keeping watch.
When it was my round in taking watch ,Veera came to sit with me.
"Veera,why not go to sleep?"I asked her inspecting the environment.
"I'm not feeling sleepy 😫"she answered taking a sit besides me.
"Veera,I don't know how you get to know me,why you rescue me and how you got to be a assassin."I asked staring at the sky..
"I'm Veera,I was saved by a hunter that I do call teacher besides the river banks.My parents were massacred in front of me and I was later saved by my brother.They pursued us to the river banks and there my brother fight till his last breath .After he was killed,they tried raping me ,a five years old child 👶,before they could do anything to me,teacher came to my rescue since then I've been his favourite disciples.
He's been training me for years to take my revenge,I don't know the relationship between you two but he said you both have an unfinished business."she said sobbing.
I move closer to her,place her head on my chest,caressing her hair.
In the morning,we woke up,pack our bags and left the place.Weve not walked long that sounds of footsteps and voices starts closing on us.We saw high mountains upp ahead ,we ran through it and its only one person can pass through it and the mountains is up to miles.
We've been on the walk in-between the mountains for hours,we knew we are weak and the only solution is for someone to delay them.We continued and they are only some feets away.We heard a crash behind us and it was lance,he blocked us from behind so that we can have a choice than to advance forward.We all shouted"Lance!!!"
But he never heed to it.
Brother's,live for me,my death worth it.if I die ,make sure to avenge my death....
To be continued..im sorry nepa is too be blame..no light .


(Knights of Kendall)

-Episode 3(another loss)

We are hopeless and helpless.We just sat down there dead in spirit.Almost twenty people of our family had died of beating.On the third day,we are being marched to the judgment podium where offenders were being killed,They start killing our family one after the other until no one is left.We cried to the extent that our voice trailed off,we cried and cried no tears came out.The more the killing,the more the stabbing in our hearts ♥.
Now is the turn of all the knights to be killed,Lance as been kneeled down and the only thing now is the slashing of his head.We all can watch our favorite brother being killed so we closed our eyes not wanting to witness one another death.What a bloody day!
Veera-p o v
"teacher,here I am",I  said giving honor to him.
"Veera,I would like you to go to Kendall,you and our best six to save some knights"teacher said.
"teacher,I thought we don't meddle with other people or kingdom business",I said dieing. Of curiosity.
"yes,it is true wwe don't meddle but it is my business because I and Kendrick has a special relationship.
"teacher who was old and ill said coughing.
"I pray you are able too and be careful.I would also like you to depart now.

I went out,choose the best six and departed.With our speed we were able to get there when the sun setting.we did our investigation and we learnt they'll be killed the second day.
Back to Kendrick p.o.v
(I'll soon speaks about veera history)
No lance must not die like this,all the moment I shared with lance I starts remembering everything,I love Lance because he's someone that never back down,receives challenges and doesn't get defeated easily without giving a fight.
The slaughter man raised his sword and a swoosh sound was heard,we opened our eyes to see the death of lance but an arrow 🎯 make the swoosh sound killing the slaughter man.Four figures dressed as assassins rushed towards our direction,take down the men in one go.They untied everyone including Lance giving us bow and arrow.We are blinded by revenge that the first twelve army that came towards us were killed brutally.
Before we could get to the north gate ,a drum sound was made to close all gate.Since we are knights we knew the mmaps of the kingdom than anyone.We passed the underground passageway to the outside of the kingdom on leg.
The king p.ov
"how is it possible?we have been attacked by an assassin?They freed all the traitor? "the king said angrily.
My king 👑 don't panic,we've checked the whole kingdom but they are not found.Let's take fifty army and headed outside the kingdom and thirty six should inspect the secret underground tunnels."Abbie said.
To be continued ....
Next on BARLEIN.
Brothers live for me,my death is worth it.Get revenge in my name and everyone.For our family...
You are the prince...
Nnooooo,come back don't go...
What do you think of this episode...Jesus Christ is lord and savior he loves you and he's waiting for you.thanks to you.

Abiola Awelewa
Akaager Johnson Enoch

BARLEIN one epi 2

 Chapter two

Knights of Kendall)

Knights have risk their lives for many years,fighting for one cause (victory ✌ of their kingdom).In Kendall,all knight have only thirty six quest to do before giving them their freedom and government position to some.
I and my fellow knights have sixteen more quest to do before we are free.
It was in the night all of us were drinking and dancing at my house,when the king messenger came to us in disguise, 
"The king wants to see all of you.He would like you to come right now without anyone knowing he called for you.The underground passage would be opened,go through the place."he said and leave.
We all looked at one another,not even one of us understand what's happening.This was how an issue arises.
I'm sure you know the king is very funny,guys I'm not in for this.Count me out."Abbie said turning away.
After all we are all one we are in because we don't wants you to take all the blame."they all said.
"thank you,guys"I said and we all left for the palace underground passage.
(walking into doom)
Wwe make sure no one sees us.We entered into the palace armed as we always do,we've not stepped foot into the inner palace of the east side where the king resides before ten assassins attacked us,we fight for hours till we took down five,the most suspicious thing is that it was dark and the assassin moves is similar too those of the special king guards.After we took down the five,others fled but before we could advanced forward,the war alerted drum was drummed.That's when it dawn on us the people we fought with were rebels.
We readied our swords,advancing slowly into the palace,checking left and right,we got to the palace environment and guards have been killed ,we rushed inside the palace and wwe saw the king on his throne and as a leader of the knights it was my responsibility to keep the king safe.I rushed towards the king to stand by his side but to my greatest surprise,a sword was drrawn to my neck ,advance forward and I slash you.
The voice I recognize it,"Addie"
"Addie ,what's the meaning of this"I asked.
In a twinkle of an eye army troops out from different directions,all pointing swords and arrows towards us ,The army commander comes around and reads a verdict
"Today,17228 AD,Kendrick Lamar and his knights rebel against the king and would be charge for treason.Hereby,today your family and everyone will be killed by hanging.We all cried but it has happened already.That very moment,ABBIE was appointed as a knight leader subjecting newly recruited army to him.That very night all of our family was captured and brutaly punished.Abbie also testified against us"I heard them planning to rebel against the king and since I'm loyal to the king,I instructed the chief commander.
To be continued..Jesus Christ is Lord...What do you think about the story..


              SEASON ONE
               CHAPTER ONE
             (Knights of Kendall)
     I was just fifteen years then when I was taken away from my family to be knights of Kendall.My name is Kendrick Lamar,the commander of the seven knights of Kendall.Over the years,Kendall is known as the only powerful and standing kingdom that has not fall for once.
The king 👑 ruling the kingdom now is brutal and deadly.you go against his word,you becomes a dead meat.
His name is King Ador .
Ador father's name is Gwen, he ruled for 45 years.He attained his father position at the age of twenty-five,twenty years after his enthronement he begat only a son named Ador.Ador was a cheerful boy who eats with anybody of any position,played with servants and children of low class ,ever since he attained five years of age ,he sleeps in the servant room despite the fact he was always scolded by his mother he never listens.
On an occasion,he sneaks out to play and no one knows his whereabouts.This was when he was six  years knights then looked for him again and again,armies searched but he was never found.
This incident makes his father health depreciate.There was a day a feast was held in the palace and a young man walks in and announced he's the lost prince using a sceptre the prince that belongs to the prince as an evidence  .He was asked different questions which he passed.He told the king he's been a captive in a faraway land and as he got a chance to run away he headed here.He said he's been on the journey to the palace for three months .
The king was happy and the chiefs ,they asked the maid to bath 🛀 him and dressed him up.Ever since he arrived he's been wicked giving the excuse that because he's been a prince that is jovial is what cause his disappearance then.
And everyone thought that also.But ii felt foul.
This event happened five years after I was made a knight.That day I was happy for the king and at the same time,I couldn't figure out what makes my heart hurts when the prince was found.I'm I trying to crave to be king?
To be continued...
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